Want to host your own Murder mystery dinner in Antwerp?

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Looking to host a murder mystery dinner in Antwerp? Look no further!

Our murder mystery dinner game is the perfect entertainment option for Belgian residents who want to impress their international pals. Whether you’re solving a mysterious crime or playing the role of a sneaky suspect, this game guarantees a night of suspense, laughter, and unforgettable memories. So grab your detective hat and get ready for an evening of crime-solving fun in Antwerp!

Murder Mystery games are very popular and it is obvious why. It’s nice to meet each other in real life and engage in a shared activity, even if you don’t know each other well. It is the perfect setting to get to know your collegues, fellow students or team mates better and have fun together.

real but improvised characters – no need to learn lines

Our games are played with real characters, but none of the players will have to learn lines. Everyone receives exclusive information about their character. Their secrets, lost loves and guilty pleasures. Based on this information, each player can think of a look and gather a custome for the mystery dinner evening. Everyone can improvise their lines, and act as dramatically as they like (or not), as long as the players stick to the provided information and stay in character! These are the two most important rules of the game. A murder mystery dinner game played like this is called a ‘free play’ mystery game.

Cheat sheets are allowed if needed of course, but with a little bit of preparation, players will easily memorise important information. Using visible name tags for each character in the game will make this much easier. 

Written in English

Invite your international collegues, play our murder mystery dinner in Antwerp with your foreign student friends without having to translate the Murder Mystery Game scripts. Instructions and scripts are in English. If needed, you can contact Mystery Solvers’ support in Dutch too.


Let out your creative side

Murder Mystery Dinners are an entertaining and creative way to let you and your friends express themselves and let go! A murder Mystery Dinner party is a great ice breaker and team building event. Players are encouraged to think and act creatively to solve the mystery. Our Murder Mystery Games are easy to play and organize. Yes, they are murder mystery games, but the tone of our games is humorous.

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Dinner suggestions

You can add dinner suggestions to your purchase. That way, each player will be asked to bring a contribution for the dinner. Together, all contributions make a 3 course dinner + coffee or tea with sweets for the number of players in the game. Or…pick your favorite local restaurant, sports club or bar in Antwerp to play the murder dinner!

A Murder Mystery Game doesn’t have to be an expensive event

The price of a Murder Mystery Game is only €25 for 8 players plus €5 for each additional player.

A thrilling evening of scheming and intrigue

Your guests will be intrigued and surprised, and it will be up to them to wheel and deal to discover everyone’s secrets. Will they achieve their goals, keep their own secrets hidden, and find the murderer? They will have a good time trying anyway!

keep it simple or go all the way

Sure, you can play in your everyday-clothes. In a ‘normal’ living room at the dinner table. Just give everyone a self-adhesive name tag and write their character name on it. And yes, you’ll have fun. But…you’ll have a blast if you really dress the part, use the invites and print the name labels, play appropriate music and set a nice-looking table in a decorated room with spooky lighting!

Want to know more about hosting a murder mystery dinner in antwerp?

Check out this page to see what is included in our games. Details about payments and cancellations can be read in our FAQMystery Solvers is a label of EW Webservices in the Netherlands. Our payment provider is Mollie and this website is hosted by Siteground.



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