Free downloads are available for each murder mystery game after registration.

(This page is an example page, it has no working downloads)

spooky Spotify playlist

Instrumental background music suggestions for Mystery Solvers’ A Family Festivity

murder mystery dinner at home music spotify playlist cover image, screenshot from spotiy

Name Tags for each character

Name Tags

There is a name tag for each character in the mystery game.
You can print, cut and glue the tags on cardboard or sturdy paper. Then glue to a clothes pin.
If you hang the pins with the tags on a string near the entrance,  each player can take a pin and attach it to their costume.

email invite

email invitation

After ordering the game, you could use this template to send each player an invitation by email. It is an image file, that you can easily add the date, time & address with MS ‘Paint’ for instance.
Font Courier works best.
Just insert the image in the body of you email.

Don’t forget to copy & paste the unique player code for each player into the message or image!

murder mystery dinner at home email template a family festivity, red & tan with spooky logo


murder mystery dinner free wmail invitation for a family festivity