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How does a mystery party at home work?

Pick a date and a place

You pick a date for your Murder Mystery Party AT LEAST TWO FULL WEEKS AHEAD.

This is needed, because each player will receive new information about the murder and personal details in the period leading up to the mystery dinner party.


The location can be at someone’s home, a club or a restaurant.


It’s fun to wear an outfit matching your character, so everyone will need time to think of what to wear!

Game Manager

You also choose someone to be the Game Manager. This person will buy the game on this website, divide the roles and send every player an invitation a.s.a.p. That’s all!

It is best if the Game Manager knows the players, but it is not strictly necessary.

Invitations & Player Codes

The Game Manager sends all players an invitation with information about where and when they are expected. She or he will also send each player their personal player code in this invitation. The player code needs to be redeemed (quickly after you receive it), on this website by clicking the button on the homepage.
The invitation can be a plain text message, but you can also use the image that will be available in your online file.

You don’t need to learn texts

There are no fixed dialogues or a schedule for when each secret is revealed. In each script, some characters are assigned the task of (trying to) lead the evening. It all sorts itself out.

Every player carries a secret (or more) with them, either about themselves or someone else.

On the actual evening, you all gather, and the person who, – according to the storyline of your game – organized the dinner will invite you to the table.

Soon, one of the players will likely mention something they observed on the night of the murder. Since every participant has a secret and is a potential suspect, everyone will try to shift suspicion onto someone else. That’s how the game keeps rolling like a snowball.

After an hour or two, everyone will have shared everything they know with the group, and you can point out a murderer. But will you’ll pick the right person?? That’s the question! 

Will there be someone to lead the Mystery Murder Dinner?

No, there will be no external organization present; it’s truly your own evening, and therefore, you won’t have anywhere near the costs associated with a fully catered murder dinner.

You can take breaks to chat with your fellow family members, linger at the table as long as you like, take photos, have a dance break and so on.

In each script, certain characters are assigned the task of (trying to) lead the evening. It naturally falls into place.

What does the organiser need to do?

Location for the mystery party

The organiser or Game Manager arranges a location and buys the game on this website. She or he will receive instructions and a player code for each player.


The organizer sends an invitation to the participants letting them know where and when they are expected and instructing them to redeem their player code on this website a.s.a.p. (the same or the next day).


It’s a good idea to send a reminder to all participants three days before the game date. That way, if they haven’t looked at their game information yet or realize that they’re missing information, or have encountered any issues, there will be enough time to straighten things out.

Crisis Management

The Game Manager takes action when needed. When someone unexpectedly can’t participate in the game for example.
Follow these steps:

1. Look for a replacement player.

2. Ask the player who won’t come a.s.a.p.
to forward hers/his login details for or, – if not redeemed yet – the player (and dinner code) to the replacing player.

Contact us if any issues are encountered regarding the website.

How to organise the dinner (food)?

You’ve got 3 options:

1.  you pick a restaurant

2. you all bring something for dinner and let Mystery Solvers help you!
Order dinner instructions* with your order on our site. 

3. someone within the group arranges food for everyone

*Each player will be asked to bring part of the dinner for X number of players, depending on the group size. Think of a soup, a meat dish, a salad, dessert, wine, soft drinks, sweets etc. Each dinner suggestion comes with a (link to a) recipe or good wine at an affordable price. All the dishes together make for a complete 3-course meal on the table followed by coffee or tea for the number of players in your group. It’s sort of a potluck, but a bit more regulated.

If there are many vegetarians/vegans in your group, or players with allergies, it would be best to send a separate email to participants, asking them to be mindful of that when preparing their dish.

But….it’s worth noting that eating during the game isn’t necessarely neccessary. It is fun, but you can also go for just drinks. The choice is entirely up to you.

Do we need to make a seating arrangement?

No, we wouldn’t recommend it. It’s best to let the seating arrangement take its own course. We all have those acquaintances or family members we’d rather avoid. 😉

About Mystery Solvers

Mystery Solvers is owned by EW Webservices which is a small company that supports other small companies with website related services.

EW Webservices work exclusively for companies that (in our opinion) add positive value to their community or the world in general. This means that we mostly work for environmentally conscious organizations in health services, education, coaching, culture and counselling.

With Mystery Solvers’ Mystery parties at home we hope you will (re)discover how much fun it can be to spend time together in real live!

Is it safe to pay online with my credit card?

You can safely enter your credit card number via our secure server at Siteground Hosting, which encrypts all submitted information.

Our online payment provider Mollie is also a well known and respected European online financial platform.

Can I get an invoice?

You will receive a receipt by email once your order has been completed. If you ask us for an invoice we will be happy to provide one!

Can I cancel my order?

Yes you can.

You can reschedule the mystery dinner party yourself to a different date if you need to for whatever reason. Please note: this is only possible if no codes were redeemed by any of the players yet.

Did players already redeem their codes and you need to reschedule?
In that case, please send us the email addresses of the players that have already redeemed their code together, your order number and the new date for your mystery murder dinner. You can contact us at he***@my*************.com

We will make sure all players will still have access to their scripts on the rescheduled date.



What are the costs?

The base rate for playing the mystery parties at home is €25.00 which is for a game with 8 players.

There is an additional fee of €5.00 per extra player. So, if you have a party with 10 players, the costs will be a total of €35 (including VAT).

Dinner suggestions – we charge a fixed fee of €12.50 per game for the ‘dinner suggestions’ option (where each participant receives instructions to bring a particular contribution for the dinner).

How long does the game typically last?

The duration of the game depends on the number of players (more characters mean more secrets to uncover) and how the participants play. Some get so immersed in their roles that it can easily take up to 3 hours. On average, expect around 2 to 2.5 hours.

What is the best number of players to invite?

If you have the choice of how many people to invite for your mystery party, 12 is the most enjoyable option for ‘A Family Festivity’, because then all the characters from the story are actually present and sitting around the table together. 

‘Celebrity Rehab’ (available April ’24) is best played with 10 players.

Will you add more scripts?

Mystery Solvers is working on adding a new script in February. This will be the second script. We aim to add at least two more this year. You can see which games are available here.