murder mystery dinner parties

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your own murder mystery dinner party at home. easy to play & easy to organize!

Starting at 25,00 - for 8 players +5 for each additional player

A mystery dinner party with Mystery Solvers.

What’s in the game?


    1. No need to learn lines and no complicated instructions! Each participant plays a character the way they like to, based on the character information provided.

2. Play dressed up as your character at home or go to your favourite restaurant, sports club canteen or wherever you like!

3. Every player has an online script file. This gradually fills with a printable family tree, (video)information, tips and secret information for your character only;

4. You have a few weeks of fun & anticipation as you gradually receive more information and collect items for your costume (tip: make a Whatsapp /Telegram/Messenger group for the game);

5. Optional ‘Dinner Suggestions’ are available for only €12,50.  Each player will receive a request to bring part of the dinner.  Such as: ‘Would you bring a (vegetarian) soup for 6 please? Or ‘Can you bring a dessert for 9?’ Links to recipes are included. This way there will be enough food for a varied 3 course meal + coffee or tea + sweets without you having to think about who should bring what and how much.

6. Free extra’s:
A Spotify playlist of suitable background music, printable name tags & and an email invitation template. See examples here.

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