A murder mystery game to play at home!

Looking for a murder mystery game to play at home?

Welcome to Murder Mystery Dinner Games at home! Organize your game easily with Mystery Solvers! You’ve found the perfect murder mystery game that is both simple to set up and a blast to play. 

Murder mystery game ‘A Family Festivity’

A family (dinner) party to celebrate Baldwin’s 60th birthday.  A mystery from long ago that lingers in this family. New information about this mystery has just been received the afternoon before the party and stirred things up again!
Who suspects who, who lied and who is keeping secrets? Will you reveal what happened that day 17 years ago? 

How does it work?

Once you purchase the game ‘A Family Festivity’, detailed instructions will be sent to you. These instructions include assigning roles to your players who can register on our website to access information about the script and their characters instantly. Get ready for an immersive experience as new twists and clues are revealed every few days, with players receiving email notifications. On the night of your murder mystery game, gather all players at your house or any other location, and watch the game unravel as they meet.

You don’t need to memorize texts!

No need to stress about memorizing long scripts! Our murder mystery game allows players to effortlessly follow their storylines and use their own words, making it easier and more enjoyable. You have the freedom to bring your character to life in any way you desire!

Dress up

Amp up the excitement by dressing up as your character and selecting a fun outfit that perfectly matches their personality.

Get ready to dive into this fun murder mystery game experience!

our murder dinner mystery games

A Family Festivity (8 -12 players)
Celebrity Rehab (8-14 players)
Shudderstein (10-12 players)

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Organize your murder mystery game in 5 steps

  1. Pick an evenening to play your murder mystery game. This must be at least 14 days from the day you order*.
    Now ask 8 to 12 people to join in the game. If you haven’t already, add them to your messenger app. You will soon need to send them information.
    It is fun & easy to also make a murder mystery group in your messenger app.

*This is because the script will be revealed to all players step by step, every 3 days over a period of approx. 12 days.

2. Pick a location (living room, sports club canteen, restaurant) for the game where all the players can sit together.

3. Would you like to make it a murder mystery dinner game?

You can go to a restaurant or cook for everyone. But you can also can have Mystery Solvers organize it for you:

Each player will receive a request to bring a dish and/or drinks for the dinner and for how many players it should be. Together, there will be enough food for everyone to have a 3-course dinner.

To activate, add ‘Dinner Instructions’ to your order for only €12,50

4. Place your order for ‘A family Festivity’ here.

5. After your order has been completed, you will receive instructions and player registration codes in your mailbox. 

Straight away, you send each player a code with the instruction to register on this website a.s.a.p.

Starting from the day a player registers on this website, they will receive their role information piece by piece over a period of approximately 12 days.

It is important the players read this information carefully and memorize important details! (you can also use a cheat sheet. But…only if you need to)

In this period, costumes, music and other attributes you may want to use, can be gathered.

PLEASE NOTE: emails may end up in your spam folder. So always check your spam if you think you haven’t received an email!

Have fun together!


"What a hilarious evening we had!"

-Sanne, Amsterdam 29 september 2021

"What a fun experience this was!"

-Ina, 17 september 2021

"It was great !!"

-Pepijn, 6 mei 2021

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