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murder mystery dinner parties

murder mystery dinner party with Mystery Solvers – this what you get:


  1. An online role file that gradually fills with a printable family tree, (video)information, tips and secret information for each character;
  2. Free extra’s:  a playlist of suitable background music, printable name tags & and an email invitation template. See examples here.
  3. A few weeks of fun & anticipation as you gradually receive more information and collect items for your costume;
  4. Build your role and character to your liking; no pre-made texts, no need to learn lines!
  5. Add optional ‘Dinner Suggestions’ to your order for only 12,50 and let Mystery Solvers organize the food for your dinner. Each player will receive instructions to bring something. This way there will be enough food for a varied 3 course meal + coffee or tea.
  6. Play at home or go to your favourite restaurant, sports club canteen or where ever you like!
  7. No external organization or actors present: you are ‘among us’ with your own group;
  8. An evening full of fun and excitement together without having to spend a lot of money!

Organize you murder mystery dinner party in 5 steps

  1. See which murder dinner you would like to play and determine the number of players.
    Ask enough people to join and collect their contact details, so you can send them a role-code.


2. Pick an afternoon or evening for the dinner party to take place. This must be at least 14 days from the day you order*

*This is because the script will be revealed to all players step by step, every 3 days approx.


3. Arrange a suitable room (living room or restaurant) for a dinner.


4. Order the game of your choice from our webshop and pay online.

After a successful purchase, the buyer, (who is the ‘game manager ‘) will receive unique registration codes for each player to distribute among them. She or he should do this a.s.a.p. after purchase.


5. In a period of approximately 12 days starting from the date a player registers on this website, players will receive their role information which will be added piece by piece. It is important the players will read this information carefully and memorize important details!

In this period, costumes, music and other attributes you may want to use, can be gathered.

PLEASE NOTE: our emails may end up in your spam folder. So always check your spam if you think you haven’t received an email!


our murder mystery dinner parties

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