murder mystery shudderstein

Murder mystery dinner Shudderstein

(10-12 players)

Dear resident of Shudderstein,

As you’re aware, in our village, everyone knows each other. Some have lived here their entire lives, while others have joined us over the years. There’s not much that happens in Shudderstein without the news spreading like wildfire.

You’ve likely heard by now that Sylas Jasperfeld has gone missing. Even though he wasn’t always one for socializing, everyone knows his villa on the outskirts of the village. Mrs. Hollowshade, Jasperfeld ‘s housekeeper, noticed his disappearance and reported it to the police. She hadn’t seen him for three days and was growing concerned.

The police from nearby Quimbridge are handling the investigation. Several Shudderstein residents have reached out to me because they’re uneasy about strangers combing our village in the near future. Therefore, twelve villagers (including myself) have been invited to help shed light on the disappearance of Sylas Jasperfeld.

I’m counting on your presence.

Yours sincerely, Walter-Henry Mystifire, Mayor of Shudderstein

==> Please note: The minimum group size is 10 players. Be aware that if someone unexpectedly drops out, the game will need to be postponed. The optimal group size for this theme is 12 players (ensuring all roles are covered).

Cost: The base rate for playing the murder dinner is £25.00 (including 21% VAT). After that, there’s an additional £5.00 per player. We charge a fixed fee of £12.50 per game for ‘dinner suggestions’ (where all players are asked to bring something to eat or drink for the dinner. This way, you can easily organize a complete dinner with enough to eat and drink for all players).

Organize you murder mystery dinner party in 5 steps

  1. See which murder dinner you would like to play and determine the number of players.
    Ask enough people to join and collect their contact details. You will need to send them information later.


2. Pick an evening for the dinner party to take place. This must be at least 14 days from the day you order*

*This is because the script will be revealed to all players step by step, every 3 days over a period of approx. 12 days

3. Arrange a suitable location (living room, sports club canteen, restaurant) for the dinner where all the players can sit together

4. Order the game of your choice from our webshop and pay online.

After a successful purchase, the buyer, (who is the ‘game manager ‘) will receive unique registration codes for each player to distribute among them. She or he should do this a.s.a.p. after purchase.

5. In a period of approximately 12 days starting from the date a player registers on this website, players will receive their role information which will be added piece by piece.

It is important the players will read this information carefully and memorize important details! (you can also use a cheat sheet. But…only if you need to)

In this period, costumes, music and other attributes you may want to use, can be gathered.

PLEASE NOTE: our emails may end up in your spam folder. So always check your spam if you think you haven’t received an email!

"What a hilarious evening we had!"

-Sanne, Amsterdam 29 september 2021

"What a fun experience this was!"

-Ina, 17 september 2021

"It was great !!"

-Pepijn, 6 mei 2021

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