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murder mystery game A Family Festivity

A big Family Festivity was organized on the occasion of Baldwin Everest’s 65th anniversary.  Shortly before the celebration, new information surfaces about the disappearance of Laura Everest.  The party is cancelled. A family dinner is now taking place. Every guest brings a secret. Will you be able to reveal what happened to Laura?

Number of persons: 8 or more
Costs: £25 + £5 per player



There is a remote spa where famous people go who would rather not have anyone know they are there. Imagine if a celebrity were found dead in that spa. Of course, it wasn’t a natural death.

Number of people: 8 – 14 players
Costs: £25 + £5 per player 



Sylas Jasperfeld has disappeared. Although he did not always feel like making contact, everyone knows his villa on the edge of the village. Mrs Hollowshade, as Jasperfeld ‘s housekeeper, noticed the disappearance and reported it to the police. She hadn’t seen him in three days.

Number of persons: 10-12
Costs: £25 + £5 per player



dinner suggestions

Organize your dinner easily with our dinner suggestions

> You can add dinner suggestions on the order page <

If you want to easily organize food for the murder mystery dinner party, you can choose to have all players receive instructions to bring a dish.

The players will then receive a request to bring a dish and for how many of the guests it should be (think of: a soup, a salad, a meat dish, a dessert, a bottle of wine, a soft drink) to the murder dinner. All these dishes together will make a nice (not fancy unless you want to) 3-course meal. You won’t have to organize anything!


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